one designer. one developer. lots of skills.

Based on the fact that we knew each other for almost a quarter century, we kill the everlasting struggle between those "nerdy" programmers and the "fancy uberstyle" creatives, that will often end in annoying conflicts. Better team work at all.


is a young interface designer and 3D Artist, addicted to photoshop and 3ds max.
He likes minimalistic and usable designs and believes in GUIs that simply work as expected. ;)


is a talented programmer and software-engineer. He loves to invent clean and stable solutions which solve tricky problems.


  • Photoshop 100%

  • 3ds Max®, V-Ray® 80%

  • After Effects 70%

  • Illustrator 50%

  • C#, ASP.NET Core, Azure 95%

  • HTML, CSS, JS, TypeScript 80%

  • C++ 70%

  • PHP, MySql 65%